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The boring part: I’m a 30+ year IT professional working for the Enterprise Strategy Group since 2013. What I like to do is not always what I get to do so I find ways to “expand my horizons”. Over the past several years I decided to go back to school while I worked. I completed a MS and  Ph.D. which focused on Information Security which I completed in the spring of ’12. My area of focus being the intersection of cloud computing, privacy, security, and risk.

I believe that in general our privacy is at risk and that cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things are the next revolution of the Information Age. So I want to be a part of it, add to the body of knowledge and understanding, and have some fun along the way.

The fun part: In addition to reading anything I can get my hands on – I love anything with a motor, won a few prizes for my bikes and cars I’ve built and ride my Harley alone or with friends whenever I can. I also live on a lake in NH year-round – which I enjoy 9 months of the year with my beautiful wife and our extended family members. The other months I try to stay warm and do indoor things such as reading from my ever-growing library. I’m also quite fond of various craft Bourbon’s and Jack Daniels and spend a good amount of time at the gym working off steam and the extra calories.

More about me can be learned by looking on Linkedin or sending me an email.


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