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My Library

I thought it might be interesting to others to see what is in my library that I reference in papers/blogs that I write. Overtime I’ll add links from the book titles to Amazon or other web locations where they can be found. I may also put stars near my favorites. Some are purely reference manuals, some are scholar quality, while others are just a good read.


  • Behind the Cloud
  • Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise
  • Cloud Computing Best Practices
  • Cloud Security and Privacy
  • Distributed Systems: Principles & Paradigms
  • GRID
  • Market Oriented Grid and Utility Computing
  • The GRID2


  • Database Design, Application Development, & Administration
  • Fundamentals of Database Systems
  • Hands on Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Windows
  • Oracle Database 10g SQL
  • Oracle Database 11g SQL
  • Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus
  • Principles of Database Management


  • Ethics and Technology: Controversies, Questions, and Strategies for Ethical Computing
  • The Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics


  • Being Digital
  • Designing User Interfaces for Software
  • Developing Quality Systems
  • Enterprise Architecture Strategy
  • Global eCommerce
  • Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • Redesigning Human Systems
  • Social Ethical and Policy Implications of Information Technology
  • The Big Switch


  • Diffusion of Innovations
  • The End of Software
  • The Nature of Technology


  • Data Driven Services with Silverlight2
  • Google Apps
  • Learning Python
  • Principles of Service Design
  • Programming Amazon Web Services
  • Service Oriented Architecture


  • Data Communications and Computer Networks
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP
  • managing Bandwidth
  • Technical Aspects of Data Communication
  • Telecommunications and the Computer
  • Unix Network Programming


  • Mastering VMware vSphere
  • Operating Systems Concepts


  • Change of State
  • Complete Guide to Security and Privacy Metrics
  • Database Nation
  • Digital Privacy
  • Grid Computing Security
  • Guarding Life’s Dark Secrets
  • Information Security Illuminated
  • None of Your Business: Wold Data Flows, Electronic Commerce, and the European Privacy Directive
  • Managing Privacy
  • Official (ISC2) Guide to the CISSP SBK
  • Open Source Security
  • Privacy
  • Privacy in Context
  • Privacy and Wisdom
  • Privacy, Information, and Technology
  • Privacy in Peril
  • SOA Security
  • Secure Data Management in Decentralized Systems
  • Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
  • Security Metrics
  • Security and Usability
  • Schneir on Security
  • The Art of Software Security Assessment
  • The Governance of Privacy
  • The New School of Information Security
  • The TAO of Network Security Monitoring
  • Understanding Privacy
  • Using the Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation
  • VMware vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure Security


  • Against the Gods
  • APA Publications Manual
  • Blink
  • Compared to What? an introduction to the analysis of algorithms
  • Doing a Literature Review
  • Outliers
  • On Writing Well
  • Statistics for Real Life Sample Surveys
  • SPSS Statistics 17.0 Guide to Data Analysis
  • The Craft of Argument
  • The Craft of Research
  • The Tipping Point
  • Research Methods for Business: A skill building approach
  • Writing the Doctoral Dissertation


  • Information Security Risk Analysis
  • Managing Information Security Risks: The OCTAVE Approach
  • Managing Risk
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